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Travel posters featuring ski destinations in the Swiss or French Alps, the US and Canadian Rockies, and Scandinavian hills in Norway and Sweden have been popular across the world for over a century. Early posters featuring snow-covered mountains in Gstaad or St. Moritz, Val D’Isere and Vosges, Stowe and Mt. Tremblant (among other cold-weather hot spots) are increasingly sought after and by first-time buyers, collectors, and decorators. For this newsletter, our members have chosen to feature some of their favorite (and rare) winter-themed posters.

Left: Berg-Hotel, Anonymous, c.1930 Right: Ski in Austria, BP, c.1930s


As with most travel posters, winter-themed posters generally feature a particular destination and an activity (or landmark) that is specific to that locale. Skiing is perhaps the most popular sport advertised, but skating, bob-sledding, tobogganing, speed-skating and hiking have also been highlighted. Animals – like moose, polar bears, sled dogs, reindeer and horses – have also been used to attract attention and visitors, while

Winter Olympic posters [like those from Chamonix (1924), Lake Placid (twice, in 1932 and 1980), Oslo (1952), Tokyo (1964), Grenoble (1968) and Vancouver (2010)] are always popular and have become increasingly hard-to-find.

Left: Finland Winter Sports, O.K. Oksanen, 1949 Right: Scandinavia SAS Moose, Otto Nielsen, 1950s


Jules Chéret, the man who some call the Father of the Poster, was perhaps one of the first to use winter as a backdrop for a product poster. His Pastilles Géraudel (circa 1895), with a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress against a snowy backdrop, was actually an advertisement for cough drops.

Pastille Geraudel, Jules Cheret, 1895


Other early poster artists like Marguerite Montaut (also known as GAMY), Hans Rudi Ernst, Edouard Elzingre, Julius Klinger and countless others preferred to illustrate the benefits of fresh air activities like skiing and sledding in their works.

Top: Le Ski, Marguerite Montaut (GAMY), 1910 Bottom: Wintersport, Hans Rudi Ernst, 1911


In the 1930s and 40s photo-montage, most particularly by Swiss artists like Andre Giroux and Herbert Matter became popular, literally changing the perspective of winter posters and bringing them into the modern age.

Left: Sports d'Hiver en France, Andre Giroux, 1935 Right: En route pour la Suisse, Herbert Matter, 1935


During the same period artists at the Canadian Pacific Company – like Tom Hall and Roger Couillard – produced some inspiring winter landscape and sporting posters, many of which featured popular Canadian travel destinations.

Left: Ski in Canada, Anonymous, c.1940 Right: Visit Quebec Ski Village, Roger Couillard, c.1955


Even Hollywood got into the act with movie posters for such diverse films as Thin Ice, Wild, Wild, Winter (with possibly the coolest subtitle ever: A Surfing Snow Ball) and Winter Carnival, amongst others.

Left: Wild Wild Winter (1966) Right: Winter Carnival (1939)

Whether you are searching for vintage posters to decorate a ski chalet or winter home, or simply searching for a collectable poster to warm your living space, winter posters offer a variety of styles, sizes and price points to please every budget and sensibility. The posters featured are only a few available from our members: we invite you to search their individual websites to see their collections of winter (and other) posters.