Illustraction Gallery

New York NY 10019 USA
646 801 2788

Established in 2011 by Daniel Levy, an avid collector and ex-Record industry executive, ILLUSTRACTION GALLERY, an online-only Gallery, has quickly become a choice destination for lovers of vintage posters from the late 50's to the late 70's covering a large visual spectrum including Movies, Music, Advertising, Travel, Olympics and Comic Book Art - all united by their strong graphic content. The purpose and main mission of our Gallery is to offer both the collector and the neophyte a visual and sensorial journey into the poster medium as well as celebrating the Graphic Artists and visionaries behind the art of Music, Movies and Comics Books. We specialize in posters from all around the world with a very large selection from Japan, Italy, Germany and France among others with an inventory exceeding 10,000 items.

Featured Images: Glamour and Style