ARTIFICHE Ltd. - Vintage Poster Art

Gallery: Stockerstrasse 38, CH-8002 Zurich
Office: Feldeggstrasse 19
Zurich CH-8034 Switzerland
+41 44 387 40 44 or +41 79 433 59 69

Artifiche Poster Gallery was founded in Zurich in 1999 by B?atrice M?ller, a communications professional with a passion for collecting posters. What started out as a small collection has become the leading poster gallery for Swiss Vintage Posters. With its stock of several thousand posters, rare stone lithographs and fine artist posters, Artifiche has attracted national and international attention.

The gallery stocks a wide-ranging inventory of original posters from many different fields, specializing in Swiss vintage posters. In terms of design, condition and printing technique, they are of a very high standard. Artifiche guarantees the authenticity and quality of its original posters and lithographs.