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Cannes Movie Festival 1987 at Restaurant Ca Na Joana in Formentera Spain, submitted by IVPDA member Galerie 1 2 3
Exterior U.S. billboard (24-sheet) for the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me repurposed as wallpaper; submitted by IVPDA member MovieArt
Braniff International Airways poster for Buenos Aires in warm tones tying in the earthy ceramics with the rest of the room reflecting the black and white graphics of the Chillida poster submitted by IVPDA member Travel On Paper
Two framed posters for Cheverny by Contant-Duval (1926) and E. Paul Champseix (c.1937) submitted by IVPDA member Galerie 1 2 3
1955 Balzola | Baci Di Alassio 27.5"x38.5" Italian pastry shop poster submitted by IVPDA member La Belle Epoque
General Dynamics poster by Erik Nitsche (1960) submitted by IVPDA member Galerie 123
1974 Visual Art and Design (Project Magazine) by Hubert Hilscher 38" x 26" submitted by IVPDA member Contemporary Posters
British Railways poster for Bognor Regis by Percy Drake Brookshaw (1950s) submitted by IVPDA member AntikBar
Cleopatra (1963) French 63x94 double-panel Art by Howard Terpning submitted by IVPDA member MovieArt
U.S. six sheet for La Dolce Vita submitted by IVPDA member MovieArt
1970 Clown face with derby (CYRK poster) by Waldemar Swierzy 27" x 39" submitted by IVPDA member Contemporary Posters
Royal Mail A.D. 1935 poster by John Rutherford Armstrong for the General Post Office (GPO) submitted by IVPDA member AntikBar
1979 Skinny elephant with butterfly ears (CYRK poster) by Andrzej Pagowski 27" x 39" submitted by IVPDA member Contemporary Posters
1975 Walrus playing accordion (CYRK poster) by Danuta Zukowska 27" x 39" submitted by IVPDA member Contemporary Posters
Kunstgewerbehaus and Marco Polo Tee, both by Ludwig Hohlwein (submitted by Veronica Martin)
Apache Circus Albert Schumann by Ludwig Hohlwein from 1910 from the Hans Sachs collection (submitted by Veronica Martin)
Giornata Delle Due Croci 1934 (Tuberculosis Prevention) 39 1/2" x 27 1/2"
Two Posters by the artist René Gruau
Foire de Paris 1950, Albert Solon, 23 1/2" x 15 3/4"
Dior by Rene Gruau
Campari Soda, Giovanni Mingozzi,1950
Bally "Kick" in small format, by BERNARD VILLEMOT, c. 1989
Bossard Bonelle by Loti, c.1925
Cachou by Cappiello, c. 1905
Deauville 1980s, Razzia, 62" x 47"
Byzantine Head by Mucha, c. 1900
Mistinguett by Benda, c.1924
Veuve Amiot, c. 1922, Cappiello
Cognac Otard, c. 1927, Anonymous
Canada Air France 1951 Jean Dore 39 1/2" x 24 1/2"
Aurore c.1938, Chassaing, 62 3/8" x 46"
RIVER OF NO RETURN (1954) Italian four foglio First Release
Italian four foglio for NOTORIOUS First Italian Release.
Le Sillon, Artist: FERNAND TOUSSAINT, Approx. Size: 32" x 42" unframed, Circa: 1895, Origin: Belgium
Lion standing on CYRK, 27"x39"artist: Hilscher, Hubert
STATE FAIR (1934) U.S. re-release poster of 1936 in foyer.
LA DOLCE VITA (1960) U.S. three-sheet 41x81
Kitchen Almodovar. WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (1988) Original Spanish One-Sheet
International Children's Day (Miedzynarodowy dzien dziecka), 1973, 27"x39" artist: Urbaniec, Maciej
LAVABOS, Artist: Alfred Choubrac, Approx. Size: 51" x 37" Circa: 1897, Origin: France
Two amazing six sheet posters (81x81) for classic films from the 1930s, framed.
MADELEINES CHAMPAGNE, Artist: Anonymous, Approx. Size: 48" x 73" unframed, Circa: 1890's, Origin: France
Cyrk (Polish Circus) By Wiktor Gorka, 1971
Three Cyrk (Polish Circus) By Andrzej Pagowski, 1978
LIDO DES CHAMPS ELYSEES By Carlo Cherubini, 1932 46" x 62"
La Strage degli Innocenti By Franz Laskoff, 1914
Internationale Hygiene By Franz von Stuck Dresden poster, 1911
Odeon Anonymous, c.1920
FIREBIRD BALLET-ZARPTICA by Boris Bucan,1983 80 x 80 inches
Cognac Monnet by Leonetto Capiello 1927 Raisin, By Georges Villa, c.1925
Bally By Bernard Villemot
Bally (Ball) By Bernard Villemot, 1989
Geisweiler By Marton, 1921
U.S. six sheet for SAINT JOAN (1957). Art by Saul Bass. Linen backed six sheet is simply pinned to wall.
Cyrk (Polish Circus) Tiger on Ball By Hubert Hilscher, 1966
Cyrk (Jaguar with Parrot) By Hubert Hilscher
Savon Rodoll By Stall
Cyrk (Circus) Polish Poster Anna Irzyk-Fischer, 1978
Polish Cyrk (Circus)Poster Jerzy Czerniawski
L'Excellent, by Georges Meunier, 1895
Ch.Philippossian Automobile, by Loupot, c.1920
Au Bon March, Rene Vincent, c. 1930
Sn Sebastián / VI. Circuito Automovilista, by Rafael Elósegui